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Download our Application Below

Interested in joining? It's easy!

  • Visit us, there's no better way to see our value

  • Like what you see? (and you will)

  • Submit an application. Available in the application link below or at the meeting 

  • The Membership Committee will evaluate you for membership based upon the following:

    • The availability of your business category. We only allow one member per category

    • Your business. The business (product or service) is evaluated for "fit" among the current business'

    • You. We will look at your references and work experience as well as throw you into Google

    • Did your $199 check for membership clear? 


Because of the value, the group delivers to our members, the group allows for 4 absences in a six-month period without a substitute before dismissing a member as inactive. It's expensive for others to hold a spot open for an inactive member. After the 4 absences, the group category is opened again for a new member. We enforce this rule to enable the group to stay productive, grow and provide a rewarding atmosphere to those members in attendance.


At ONE we take ONE thing very seriously, and that is generating referrals leading to increased income to our members. Last year the shared revenue we generated for each member exceeded $725,000!!  That doesn't happen all by itself, so we run a structured yet light-hearted networking meeting and have a few policies that we will be glad to share upon you visiting us. So, come introduce yourself! 

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